On Youtube, it is a common practice to write FIRST! when you are the first to comment on a video. Sometimes in teaching high school you feel like a perpetual high schooler, needing to keep up with the most modern ideas and trends. I struggle with social media sometimes, and I definitely stay away from the music and TV shows that high schoolers enjoy, but I find that I am at least able to stay with the trend enough to develop good rapport with the students I interact with.

So… first! First time actively blogging. First time keeping track of the methodology of my teaching and my success at learning in the modern classroom. First time sharing with the world (or more likely a tiny audience) what skills and practices I show in the classroom while integrating real world knowledge into my lessons. First.

I was a first year teacher 12 years ago, and first set foot in a high school classroom 8 years ago, so by all accounts I am far removed from a lot of firsts. That said, I learn constantly from my students and from my amazing colleagues, and I will never pretend to be a veteran teacher. I am always growing and changing as an educator and as a professional. I am excited to bring some of my little space at the corner of the science wing into the world where people can see what I do everyday.

Here’s to firsts.
Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet.


Back at the habit

After a three month hiatus where I kept track of my daily teaching in an external log, I am going to pick back up on the blog thing.

Today my students are creating a lesson to teach the class about DNA Replication, using the following guidelinesScreen Shot 2017-12-13 at 1.38.34 PM.png\

The students will work together to develop a coherent lesson about the topic.